cast iron cookware.


Prepare yourselves for a rant.

I love cast iron. When I started cooking with it, at the beginning of last year, I declared that I would never ever use another frying medium. And, lucky for you, I’ve prepared a list of reasons why.

Please read on: if I can convert one person to the wonders of cast iron (and thus make your life easier) then my week will be made.

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the new zealand marmite famine.


Seeing as I wrote about ANZAC biscuits the other day, I thought I ought to continue the New Zealand theme and write about the latest disaster to hit New Zealand: the marmite famine.

Marmite is the best spread, in the world, ever. And the vast majority of non-New Zealanders hate it. They loathe and detest it. This is mainly because it has an extremely strong flavour. It claims to be a yeast spread but it doesn’t really taste like yeast. It does taste like something, but I’m not entirely sure what. It’s yummy, though.

Anyhoo, as you may have heard, a massive earthquake hit New Zealand in February of last year and on top of every other awful thing that resulted – it knocked over the Marmite factory. Sanitarium, who make marmite, didn’t say anything about this for yonks, until yesterday they released a press statement that essentially said: there’s two weeks worth of stock left, and after that, there’s going to be none until July.

So the country went mad, and now there is no stock left. Essentially, media hype created a marmite feeding frenzy because none of us want to be without it for three or four months. I checked, and I have half a 500g jar left, and I wanted to buy more – but by the time we went looking, at around seven last night, it was all gone.

To give you an idea of how amazing marmite is – when I went on exchange for a year, I dedicated 1kg of my 20kg suitcase weight to marmite.

I’m definitely going to be rationing my half a jar.


I’m on it!

My username is scientistical. Follow me and everything is alright.

Also, here’s a pretty picture of some pork:


Roasted with apples, onions and half a litre of white wine. Delicious.


Sorry for the fob off posts I’m doing at the moment – I have some serious cooking planned for tomorrow, so hopefully some pretty posts then.

my lovely new utensil storage system.


Today when we got back from uni I was struck by a lightning bolt type deal of inspiration. A project for the boyfriend! I said, why don’t we make a utensil rack?

We settled on this – a large amount of hooks against the wall under our cupboards. Doesn’t it look fab? The previous storage solution was a large, messy, overfilled drawer that never shut properly. I like this better.

Aren’t I a lucky girl?!

valentine’s day lunch–and an adventure!

For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I elected to head down to the Karangahake Gorge and go for a big walk. I know, I know, it’s untraditional and whatnot, but we are poor students and we love to adventure. I figured we’d take a picnic, too, and we enjoyed it on the grassy verge by the river in between walks. So, here is a selection of pictures of our food. Yum! O, and some of the walks.

We also had the delicious lemon yoghurt cake that I posted about the other day, tomato relish that I’ll post about soon, and one of our extremely delicious potato flatbreads. The gnocchi was served with fried bacon, roast kumara (a kind of sweet potato native to New Zealand) and neapolitan sauce.


Making cream cheese, herbed with fresh rosemary and sage.

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