brown butter, oatmeal and chocolate cookies.

These are amazing.


I’ve never made cookies with brown butter before, but I suspect I may adjust all of my cookie recipes to use it from now on. It is DELICIOUS.

I’m not going to write out the recipe here, I’ll just link to it on this super yummy blog.

This one is DEFINITELY going in my go-to cookbook.

Ooh, and here’s a cool picture of the butter browning.


cheesy relish soup dippers.


When I eat soup – and I eat soup a lot – it’s really about what I’ve got to dip in the soup. Usually, it’s regular toast soldiers, sometimes it’s a nice artisan type bread that I’ve made myself, and every now and then it is something extremely awesome like this.

We’ve been making an obscene amount of relish recently, and so I’ve introduced my boyfriend to the wonders of relish toasts (essentially, smother a piece of toast with relish, dump cheese on top and fling it in the oven until it’s crispy).

So one night I figured, why wouldn’t that work with toast soldiers?

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how to make the perfect crepe.


Annabel Langbein’s crepe mixture is the ideal place to start here: it has the exact correct consistency, and it tastes great as well.

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brandy snaps.

I didn’t make the casings for these: I just whipped the cream and filled them with an icing gun. But, they’re amazing.

I will try and make my own casings soon – I’ve got a recipe. So watch out for that in the nearish future.

Anyway, I referred to these on my list of top five Christmas foods and now those of you who haven’t experienced these glorious culinary critters can see how amazing they are. I wish I could communicate taste through the internet. I really do.


chocolate dipped popcorn.


Got my dipping swirl out again yesterday and tried it out on some kettle corn. Yes, it’s amazing. Glad you asked.

Anyway, I suppose I ought to put some semblance of a recipe on here, so:


6oz (170g) of cooking chocolate

1T kremelta (vegetable shortening)


Melt In 30 second intervals in the microwave at 50% power, stirring in between. Once the mixture is fully melted, dip your [pre-popped] popcorn in it. Make sure you drain each piece well, or you’ll wind up with big chocolate puddles. Leave to cool on baking paper (chuck it in the fridge if it’s just not going fast enough for you).


You will also probably note some ginormous chocolate stars in there. Those are chocolate covered ginger stars, and they’re gorgeous. Just use the gingerbread recipe from last post, bake for 10 minutes, cool and dip. They are so extremely yummy! I may do a whole post in their honour sometime. For now, they were just something to do with leftover gingerbread dough.



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