new years haul: pasta master.


Yeah … we were in Farmers today to buy a new bin and we ran across these. I’ve wanted one for the longest time, and being as this was the cheapest I’ve ever seen one ($40 – down from $80) and also cherry red (to match my mixer), and I was having a phenomenally crap day, I decided I needed it.

So, meet the pasta master. Yes, it’s actually called a pasta master. I am so looking forward to trying it out!


The pasta master all assembled – the handle looks ungainly but it isn’t really. It does need to be out over the bench for rolling though. This is fine as a clamp is included for anchoring it to the surface.


On the left, we have the cutters – spaghetti and fettucine. On the right, the roller!


Knob for adjusting the thickness of the pasta dough. From 1-7mm.

Squeeeeee! Watch this space for amazing homemade pasta. Except obviously I won’t show you any homemade pasta until I’m good at it, so it could be a while …

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  1. Hehe….have fun! I am enjoying my pasta machine, I have an Atlas. Did you see this post?

    I got a ravioli cutter for Christmas but haven’t made any yet….will be doing so soon!

    • I did indeed! I was super jealous, and also had never really seen any real person use one. So, you’re responsible for making me believe I am capable of using one of these fancy contraptions.
      I can’t wait to see your ravioli cutter! How does it work?

      • Oh, you just use the straight dough (as in, once you’ve got the dough right you just put it on a flat surface and cut with the ravioli tool by hand rather than putting it through the cutters). You’d do the same if you were making lasagne sheets, but obviously you wouldn’t cut it! Two tips for pasta making; make sure you have proper pasta flour (nosh or farro sell it) and don’t use eggs out of the fridge. And NEVER EVER clean your machine with water.

      • how come you need pasta flour? and what’s the difference? also, what happens if you clean with water? i assume a damp cloth is ok ..?

      • Well could try with normal flour, but given that there’s just two ingredients I would say having the right flour makes a difference. It is a bit finer than normal flour – and you can also get durum flour to make a harder pasta. The instructions with my machine machine said never use any water at all….brush it out with a pastry brush and if necessary, run a paper towel through the machine. If your pasta dough is the correct consistency, it shouldn’t stick to the machine at all…and make should you flour the dough well for the first few runs. I find the brush is all I need to clean my machine….

      • cool beans, thanks for the tips. pastry brush sounds good, and yeah i fully intend to make nice dry dough, at least for a while. what are the two ingredients you use? flour and water? or oil? the recipe included with my machine has about 5. including eggs … does yours use eggs? i figured i’d try that recipe first and then try and graduate to the more purist kinds of recipes.

      • Mine is just 5 eggs and the pasta flour (500g, I think). No water or salt or anything else.

  2. […] new years haul: pasta master. […]

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