cheesy relish soup dippers.


When I eat soup – and I eat soup a lot – it’s really about what I’ve got to dip in the soup. Usually, it’s regular toast soldiers, sometimes it’s a nice artisan type bread that I’ve made myself, and every now and then it is something extremely awesome like this.

We’ve been making an obscene amount of relish recently, and so I’ve introduced my boyfriend to the wonders of relish toasts (essentially, smother a piece of toast with relish, dump cheese on top and fling it in the oven until it’s crispy).

So one night I figured, why wouldn’t that work with toast soldiers?

So here’s the plan:

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Toast some bread, don’t overtoast it so it’s brittle though. You want it to be still soft in the middle so you can cut it into pretty good soldiers without it breaking awkwardly.

Then, slather it with relish. How much is up to you … I like lots. Then, grate some cheese onto it.

Use a sharp knife to cut each piece of toast into four soldiers.

Arrange them nicely on an oven rack – because you’re using grated cheese, I recommend using a cooling rack type deal over a regular cookie sheet type deal. Otherwise, you’re gonna be scraping cheese out of your oven for the next week. And yes, you need the rack – this lets air circulate underneath them so they don’t go soggy on the bottoms.

Bake them for 10-15 minutes, or until they’re super crispy.

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  1. This is really creative, thanks for sharing such a cool idea! :)

    • hey thanks! what can i say, i like dipping stuff in soup.

  2. Hi, This looks very yummy and mouth watering. definitely i will try and let u know. you have described it really good anyone can follow it . thanks for a wonderful recipe.

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