about miss cookie.

I like to bake, and I wound up making a blog about it.

Though, it’s also about my nail polish (I have a collection of well over a hundred) and my vintage clothes (I especially love coats) and my garden (which I’ve just established in the last few months).

If you were to follow this blog, you’d find lots of photos of things I find pretty in my life. Like cupcakes, for example, or nail polishes, or things growing in our backyard. Sometimes I just write about the things we do – like picnicking in the Coromandel, or attending Fashion Week. In any case, I hope you’ll find them as interesting and exciting as I do.

I do a lot of cooking as well, and perhaps I’ll put some of that up at some point. I excel at working with spices, and can create a spice medley to go with just about anything. I’ve not yet met my match there. It’s a talent that’s done me a lot of favours in baking as well, of course, and I make the most amazing spiced apple pie. Watch this space for recipes!

I’m unsure where my talent for food came from. Not from my mum, as she does very little baking, and always flatly refused to teach me to cook. My grandmother is a fantastic baker, but I’ve never baked with her, which is a shame, as I’d rather like to know the secret to her legendary afghans. From what I can tell, I’ve more or less taught myself using recipe books, and by fine tuning recipes until they’re exactly what I want.

Do let me know what you’d like to see more of, and I shall endeavour to provide.

For now, here’s a picture of a waxeye that was hanging out in our backyard: isn’t he cute?


In terms of me as a person rather than a blogger, I was born in 1991 and I live in Auckland, New Zealand, with my wonderful boyfriend, Eddie (http://theodoreiii.wordpress.com – check him out, he’s a very talented programmer). Our flat is extremely tiny, and the kitchen is more of a galley. My friend Anna called it ‘an excuse me kitchen’ and she was absolutely right. But we make do pretty well. I grew up on a farm and we go back there a lot and get delicious things like home farmed lamb and fresh cream from the cows. I’m slowly working my way around to getting a teaching degree, and I should be teaching my first primary school classes in 2014.

I look like this:


Yes, I’m a ginger. Don’t judge. My dad’s number one motto is, “Never mess with a redhead.” I believe he came up with that one around the time he married my mum.


The name

Miss Cookie comes from a class of year 4 students at an Auckland primary school. I scored a sweet gig this year teaching cooking to six little girls in their Wednesday lunchtimes, and by my third session with them I realised that their class had dubbed me Miss Cookie. This resulted in much cuteness when they turned up to give me messages and such: ‘Miss Cookie, Miss X sent this milk over for you.’

I was flattered to have been given such a great name, and figured I’d better use it for something …


  1. hi Miss Cookie …. ahh this is awesome!! i just discovered this by idly clicking on your face book link… good work, will be following with much interest … love Miss Baker

    • haha hello, i assume the 35 views in an hour yesterday were you then!

      • really, i racked up 35 views? gosh no wonder i lose the time. Lol

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