the very best chili recipe.

I really like Mexican food. And one of the things I really enjoy about it is how heavily customisable it is. You can pretty much throw anything in and it’ll still taste great.

Hence how I wound up with 12 servings of chili for less than $10 – and that’s ten NEW ZEALAND dollars. To be fair, I got the mince on sale (but it is PRIME mince, people!).


The boyfriend facepalmed when I said “You’d never know there’s a half kilo of veggies in this.” And I realised I say that every time I make lasagne or chili – I’m just so predictable. But honestly! You’d have no idea.

So here goes: a healthy, super cheap, super filling, stupidly delicious meal. You’re gonna love it. Invite all your friends over for a movie night, plus chili.

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chocolate self-saucing pudding.


This dessert is insane. It’s saucey and chocolatey and perfect and almost entirely native to New Zealand and Australia. You’re gonna love it.

Unfortunately, it does NOT photograph well. I promise you it is delicious – in fact, despite being the easiest thing in the world to whip up, it remains one of my top three desserts. So please take my word for it, and just make it next time you need something quick for pudding. You will NOT regret it.

And having said that, I have been recipe testing this for ages now, and this is what I believe to be the Perfect self-saucing pudding (yes, many tastings were necessary).

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anzac biscuits


ANZAC biscuits are staple fare in New Zealand’s wartime history. Back in the day, when we were lumped in with Australia’s army regiments, servicemens’ wives used to send these all over the world in care packages, because they kept so well in the post. Besides that, they’re delicious! Their bases are oatmeal and golden syrup, and they’re super crispy and easy to make.

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brown butter, oatmeal and chocolate cookies.

These are amazing.


I’ve never made cookies with brown butter before, but I suspect I may adjust all of my cookie recipes to use it from now on. It is DELICIOUS.

I’m not going to write out the recipe here, I’ll just link to it on this super yummy blog.

This one is DEFINITELY going in my go-to cookbook.

Ooh, and here’s a cool picture of the butter browning.


cheesy relish soup dippers.


When I eat soup – and I eat soup a lot – it’s really about what I’ve got to dip in the soup. Usually, it’s regular toast soldiers, sometimes it’s a nice artisan type bread that I’ve made myself, and every now and then it is something extremely awesome like this.

We’ve been making an obscene amount of relish recently, and so I’ve introduced my boyfriend to the wonders of relish toasts (essentially, smother a piece of toast with relish, dump cheese on top and fling it in the oven until it’s crispy).

So one night I figured, why wouldn’t that work with toast soldiers?

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cast iron skillet brownie.


I found this recipe on The Kitchn, a website I am crazy about at the moment, and I did adapt it slightly both times I made it. It’s one of the best brownies of my entire life, and I honestly cannot get enough of it.

The first time I made it, I put a good handful of chopped and toasted nuts in (I use walnuts and almonds for everything). The second time I added nothing but dark chocolate, and it was still the best brownie I’ve tried, just dusted with icing sugar.

O, and you can do it in a regular brownie dish if you wish. Skillet really just looks cool.

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roast lamb and mint risotto.

I promised I’d post this recipe yesterday morning and while I made another batch of it the night before, I completely forgot to write about it. Sorry!


I made this lovely roast of lamb a while back, Tuesday I think it was, and I used the bones and veges to make some stock – partly because I was testing out my new Le Creuset dutch oven, and partly because I’m a poor student who can’t stand to throw anything away before I’ve used it for everything I possibly can. O, and partly because I’m obsessed with stock.

But then, I had two litres of lamb stock sitting in my fridge and no idea what to do with it. I was telling a customer at work about my situation (she’d come through with some lovely sounding lamb and rosemary soup) and she was all, ‘Why don’t you make some risotto?’ And I was all, ‘now why didn’t I think of that?’

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