haul. my goodness. orly cosmic fx, zoya mod matte.

Today has been a good day.

I got up hideously early (6.30, anybody?) to go to an 8AM class. We got there late and then everyone was sat on the ends of the rows so in the end I decided to flag it. It was on attitudes, anyway, which is unfortunately not a very interesting topic. The lecturer is young, male and very, very good-looking though, and it’s a bit funny as he’s also the most awkward, earnest, eager to please person I’ve ever seen. He’s got no idea that most of the girls in the lecture theatre are fantasising about what he’s like in bed. It makes him kind of delightful in a slightly cringey way.

I’m pretty sure the lecturer is the reason today’s 8AM was so full. In previous weeks (read: woman lecturer) it’s enjoyed perhaps one third attendance.

Anyway. Then I went to Clinical Psych (gosh, you’re getting a whole account of my day here) where Prof. John Read, one of the best lecturers I’ve had, talked about schizophrenia and the healing powers of love.

Then, I went to mentoring at an intermediate school nearby, where I hung out with my protégé and we played some game on a computer. She’s cool. She makes very astute statements sometimes about the people around her. I don’t think they realise, but she has got their number, that’s for sure.

Then (and here comes the good bit): we came home. And I checked the mail … and my package from America was here! It was full of nail polish, and it was wonderful. I got seven, count them seven things (one is not included in the below photo as it is just a boring basecoat):

 haul 17 august 2

From left: Orly It’s Not Rocket Science, Orly Out of This World, Color Club Love Em Leave Em, Zoya Lolly, Phoebe, Mitzi.

The Orlys come from the Cosmic FX Collection, the Color Club from Wild at Heart, and the Zoyas are the Mod Matte collection which I have wanted desperately for way too long. The basecoat was Orly Bonder, which I’ve meant to try a while. Pictures on their own completely necessary:

orly cosmic fx 3

Orly Cosmic FX: the full set. It’s Not Rocket Science, Lunar Eclipse, Space Cadet, Halley’s Comet, Galaxy Girl/Out of This World (I can’t actually remember which one is which from this picture. I believe they go in that order, though).

zoya mod matte 2

Zoya Mod Matte Collection: Phoebe, Mitzi, Lolly. I CANNOT WAIT TO WEAR THESE.

Anyway, my day got better. The boyfriend and I (who, incidentally, have been together for fifteen months today) got lots done. Our flatmate recently came home with a vacuum so boyfriend set to work on the flat, I put the washing out, tidied, etc. etc. Very productive. We even had time for a nap before we went back to uni for his class!

After uni, we headed to the Town Hall and picked up my free orchestra tickets: I’m a friend of the Auckland Philharmonia and every now and then they do lovely preview concerts for people like me. We got dinner at a delightful Japanese place (the Don on High) and then went to the concert. We heard Schreker, Rachmaninov (with a solo on the piano from Nikolai Demidenko) and Ravel, and all were wonderful. My boyfriend had never been to the orchestra, and though I feared he’d be bored, he loved it. Afterwards, we got gelato, and then came home, where I am now sitting, ogling my new polishes.

What a lovely, lovely day.

O, and here’s a picture of OPI DS Reflection with a little extra pizazz (Servin’ Up Sparkle, from the new Serena Williams’: I need a back up of this, stat):


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