cast iron cookware.


Prepare yourselves for a rant.

I love cast iron. When I started cooking with it, at the beginning of last year, I declared that I would never ever use another frying medium. And, lucky for you, I’ve prepared a list of reasons why.

Please read on: if I can convert one person to the wonders of cast iron (and thus make your life easier) then my week will be made.

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ingredients: jalapeno relish (and a lot of ranting about grilled cheese).


I introduced my boyfriend to jalapenos a year or two back, and he’s absolutely obsessed with them. He really can’t get enough. He puts them on and in everything and he’s procured jalapeno seeds so we can grow our own in the spring.

The other day he found this relish at a supermarket, and naturally had to have it – especially as it’s only 99c a jar. I didn’t mind terribly as I also like jalapenos (though not to the extent he does) and I need jars for preserving!

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