chocolate ganache 2.0.

I didn’t have any good pictures of it last time I made it, but the boyfriend made some more tonight and I had the good sense to photo it. I also stored it in jars. Mmm. It looks beautiful, doesn’t it?

The recipe for this delicious concoction can be found here.


Melting the chocolate into the cream. When the cream nearly boils, i.e. it gets little bubbles around the edge of the bowl, you can turn the heat off and just keep stirring until they’re combined.


The finished product, all jarred up and ready to go!

chocolate ganache.

This is the most unbelievable sauce.

I have one picture of the sauce after everyone had eaten it … there’s not much left. But it’s a thick, creamy sauce with a texture just like the kind you buy, and it tastes a million times better.

Have a look at this link for an idea of how it looks if my picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s from Annabel Langbein’s recipe that I got my proportions. I use a slightly different cooking style. I also halved the recipe, because a litre of chocolate sauce sounds a little crazy (and weight gain inducing) to me.



250mL cream (heavy cream, if you’re in the States)

250g chocolate – any kind you like


Start to heat the cream in a double boiler; that is, place it in a metal bowl over the top of a saucepan full of simmering water, without the bottom touching the water. This way the cream and chocolate get heated by cream

When the cream is warming nicely, start adding the chocolate bit by bit. Keep stirring, and it will melt into the cream. Once you have all the chocolate added, turn the heat off and keep stirring until all of the chocolate has melted in.

This sauce lasts a good while in the fridge – a couple weeks, definitely – and just requires a little bit of reheating if it’s solidified.

Yum! I recommend a mix of milk and dark chocolate – all milk and it’s too sweet, all dark and it’s too bitter. You can also make a beautiful white chocolate sauce from the same recipe.


Recipe adapted from Annabel Langbein’s Free Range Cook.

brandy snaps.

I didn’t make the casings for these: I just whipped the cream and filled them with an icing gun. But, they’re amazing.

I will try and make my own casings soon – I’ve got a recipe. So watch out for that in the nearish future.

Anyway, I referred to these on my list of top five Christmas foods and now those of you who haven’t experienced these glorious culinary critters can see how amazing they are. I wish I could communicate taste through the internet. I really do.


cold chocolate creme brulee.

4 egg yolks

1/2 cup white sugar

2T cocoa

1tsp vanilla essence

a pinch of salt

Whisk the above together. Meanwhile, heat gently in a pot:


1 cup of milk

1 cup of cream

~50g milk chocolate


Stir the mixture constantly as it heats in order to prevent the chocolate burning. Heat until it just boils (and all the chocolate is melted), and then pour into the egg/sugar mix and whisk.

Pour the completed mixture into ramekins, place in a baking dish, and fill the dish with hot water to halfway up the ramekins. Place in the oven and bake at 150 degrees Celsius for an hour.

Pull out, remove from the bain marie (baking dish full of water) and chill, preferably overnight, before serving.


I know I just posted creme brulee, but this is a really incredible adjustment to the previous recipe. I had the plan of making chocolate creme brulee but no recipe to use to do it, so I improvised, and it turned out wonderfully. When it comes out of the oven it will seem a little less set than the regular creme brulee but that’s alright. Once chilled, it has the perfect creme brulee consistency.

You also don’t need to torch the top of these ones, because while they chill, the solid chocolate in the mixture rises to the top and forms a chocolate crust which you can break with your spoon (and underneath is amazing creme brulee textured chocolatey deliciousness).

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