new years haul II: mortar and pestle.

No, I didn’t have one of these. Sue me.

But my cousin got me one for Christmas – she knows me so well! And even better – it is RED. So it matches my mixer! And my pasta master!

I can’t wait to use this for: nutmeg, cinnamon, garlic cloves, fresh ginger, fresh herbs, lemon zest, etc. etc. etc.



Isn’t it pretty?!

christmas haul.

Tomorrow’s post has no pictures. Not cool. So, this one will have ALL the pictures. Or at least, quite a few.

These are the pretties that my boyfriend and I received for Christmas, or went and bought in the boxing day sales. I love cooking gear. Sue me.


From my uncle and his lady friend, an oil can! I love this! Isn’t it freaking adorable? Being a poor student, I have filled the can which is clearly marked olio d’oliva with canola oil. I am sure they won’t mind, though. They also gave us some boutique olive oil, presumably to go in it. I shall be using that for dressings!


12cm ramekins. I’ve been after these for ages. Got 4 for $13 at Farmers – they’re on sale for half price. I wanted them primarily to use for making pot pies, but at the moment they’re in the fridge full of homebrew hummus (which you’ll get to see soon!).


Unsure what the official title of this gadget is. To me, it is a gnocchi skimmer. Cost $8.49 or something equally ridiculous.


A new mini-muffin pan. It drives me crazy when making tiny tarts that I can only do 24 at a time. Now I can do 48! Also, this is a Baccarat pan – they are AMAZING. And they come with lovely silicon grippy handles.


A frilly pie dish! I now have no fewer than three pie dishes. Isn’t it just gorgeous? And it matches my lasagne roaster and my 9cm ramekins. Success.

curly fries.

So, one of the coolest Christmas presents my boyfriend and I received this Christmas was from his sister: a curly fry maker. We did pick it ourselves – being avid curly fry fans we simply couldn’t walk past it in the shop.

There’s a link below to a video of how it works – it is absolutely legendary. It works perfectly, no joke. Those of you who are in New Zealand and feel that you can’t live any longer without a curly fry maker can buy one from Stevens. They’re fairly dear but Stevens has a sweet sale on at the moment, until tomorrow I believe!

Anyways, pictures:


Left: Eddie working the curly fry maker

Right: a curly fry within a curly fry!


The completed product, all ready to be roasted/fried/whatever floats your boat (I roasted them but they were a bit sad, so I may try frying next time).


ninja bread men cookie cutters.


A present from my lovely! A little early for Christmas, and I’ve not used them yet.

If you can’t see properly, they’re cookie cutters shaped like gingerbread men in ninja poses! So freaking cool. My boyfriend is amazing.

flavour injector.


Check out what the boyfriend bought me!

It’s a flavour injector, usually used for injecting marinades into meat (and what an amazing idea that is) but, in my case, it is going to be used for injecting filling into cupcakes. And by filling I mean things like chocolate ganache and fruit sauce.


Bought at Stevens for $11.something reduced from $16.99 because they’re having a sweet as sale. Love it!

karen walker acorn necklace.

I received the loveliest gift today from the loveliest man, and I thought I’d post it here for the interwebs to admire.

It’s by Karen Walker, from her new range, and it is absolutely gorgeous. I am obsessed, and will be wearing it all the time from here on in. Love. I am the luckiest girl alive.


karen walker sterling silver anchor necklace.


I am so in love with this. My boyfriend got it for me for … my birthday, I believe. He’d got me another Karen Walker for Valentine’s Day, which I do wear more. It’s a fighter plane, and it’s beautiful, and I will post it soon.

This one appealed to me as I grew up in a yachting family and so I feel like it’s a little bit symbolic. Plus, it’s gorgeous.

Karen Walker is a total student jeweller. I see so many of her pieces walking around uni. They’re relatively affordable and they make a huge statement. I find that I either love or hate each piece she makes. Some of them look really amateur and/or fashion student (though I’ve seen people wearing them, so it must be a matter of taste), whereas others, like this, look polished and o so stylish.

These are available from Walker and Hall in New Zealand, possibly the Karen Walker website as well, though I haven’t checked.

Not sure about availability overseas. KW displays her clothes at New York Fashion Week though, so presumably there’s some kind of availability in the States.

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