prune, chilli and cinnamon hummus.


This stuff is nectar. I seem to like it a lot more than other people though. Sad face. I suspect it is because it is a “weird” flavour. Ah, well.

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homemade hummus (no tahini!).


Left: roast capsicum and fresh basil hummus.

Right: jalapeno, peppadew and lime hummus.

Basic hummus recipe

1 can of chickpeas – in New Zealand these are like 450g I think

3 large T of natural unsweetened yoghurt

1 heaped teaspoon of minced garlic

1/2 tsp minced ginger

1/2 tsp cumin

a squeeze of lemon juice


Blend all of that up in a blender or kitchen whizz.

Now, for flavours!


To make the jalapeno hummus, substitute in lime juice instead of lemon, and add about 3-4T each jalapenos and peppadews (these are just fine pickled – it’s what I used, and I’m pretty sure you can only get fresh peppadews in South Africa). Blend.


To make the roasted capsicum hummus, add a handful of fresh basil leaves and one roasted capsicum.

To roast the capsicum, chuck it in the oven whole and roast at about 200 degrees Celsius until it’s nice and blackened. This is OK – it’s only the skin that’s burnt. Peel the skin off and put the capsicum flesh in your mix. Make sure you get any errant seeds as well.



Yum! Enjoy. Making your own hummus is freaking amazing, and the potential for flavour adjustment is massive.

christmas haul.

Tomorrow’s post has no pictures. Not cool. So, this one will have ALL the pictures. Or at least, quite a few.

These are the pretties that my boyfriend and I received for Christmas, or went and bought in the boxing day sales. I love cooking gear. Sue me.


From my uncle and his lady friend, an oil can! I love this! Isn’t it freaking adorable? Being a poor student, I have filled the can which is clearly marked olio d’oliva with canola oil. I am sure they won’t mind, though. They also gave us some boutique olive oil, presumably to go in it. I shall be using that for dressings!


12cm ramekins. I’ve been after these for ages. Got 4 for $13 at Farmers – they’re on sale for half price. I wanted them primarily to use for making pot pies, but at the moment they’re in the fridge full of homebrew hummus (which you’ll get to see soon!).


Unsure what the official title of this gadget is. To me, it is a gnocchi skimmer. Cost $8.49 or something equally ridiculous.


A new mini-muffin pan. It drives me crazy when making tiny tarts that I can only do 24 at a time. Now I can do 48! Also, this is a Baccarat pan – they are AMAZING. And they come with lovely silicon grippy handles.


A frilly pie dish! I now have no fewer than three pie dishes. Isn’t it just gorgeous? And it matches my lasagne roaster and my 9cm ramekins. Success.

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