karen walker jetplane.

kw jetplane

My boyfriend got me this for Valentine’s Day last year, and now, three weeks away from Valentine’s Day this year, I’m just getting around to posting it.

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thomas sabo bronco pendant.


I bought this yesterday from a mall in Auckland, but I’ve been eyeing it up for months. Yesterday, we headed to one mall to do our boxing day shopping and I did pretty well. The boyfriend was disappointed that he didn’t get anything, though, so I suggested we call in at another mall on the way home and buy him some board games with his Christmas moneys. He liked the idea, so we did.

The jeweller there had a sale on – everything on display was half price for one day only. And as luck would have it, this beautiful pendant was on display. I bought it.

I come from a rodeo family, and I suppose that’s why this pendant appealed to me. Apart from that, though, it’s extraordinarily detailed and satisfyingly heavy. Sterling silver, like all of the Thomas Sabo pieces.


The Thomas Sabo website: http://www.thomassabo.com/EN-en/

karen walker acorn necklace.

I received the loveliest gift today from the loveliest man, and I thought I’d post it here for the interwebs to admire.

It’s by Karen Walker, from her new range, and it is absolutely gorgeous. I am obsessed, and will be wearing it all the time from here on in. Love. I am the luckiest girl alive.


karen walker sterling silver anchor necklace.


I am so in love with this. My boyfriend got it for me for … my birthday, I believe. He’d got me another Karen Walker for Valentine’s Day, which I do wear more. It’s a fighter plane, and it’s beautiful, and I will post it soon.

This one appealed to me as I grew up in a yachting family and so I feel like it’s a little bit symbolic. Plus, it’s gorgeous.

Karen Walker is a total student jeweller. I see so many of her pieces walking around uni. They’re relatively affordable and they make a huge statement. I find that I either love or hate each piece she makes. Some of them look really amateur and/or fashion student (though I’ve seen people wearing them, so it must be a matter of taste), whereas others, like this, look polished and o so stylish.

These are available from Walker and Hall in New Zealand, possibly the Karen Walker website as well, though I haven’t checked.

Not sure about availability overseas. KW displays her clothes at New York Fashion Week though, so presumably there’s some kind of availability in the States.

stolen girlfriends club bow ring.


My wonderful boyfriend got me this for our one year anniversary. I think it’s beautiful. I generally only wear silver jewellery, I’m not a huge fan of gold. And this, to me, was one of the most gorgeous things he could have got me! It’s by Stolen Girlfriends Club, a group of designers (or possibly a pair) from New Zealand – which makes it even cooler. Local designers are awesome.

I definitely identify with it. I’m such an absolute girly girl.


In the name of love.

Does anybody follow this blog?

If you answered that question with a resounding ‘yes’, or a guilty ‘no’ even, and you only got here from the WordPress title page, please, please go to the following link, log in with your facebook and/or twitter, and vote.


My boyfriend and myself have been entered to win a ring worth a million dollars (New Zealand). It involves a 22ct diamond and it’s beautiful. I want it desperately. We just have to win by being the best couple around.

And we can win by getting your votes! – and look at that photo. Isn’t it beautiful? You can’t deny we look great together.


Welcome to 2010, blog readers. I had a mean spike in views yesterday which is astounding considering that I’ve been sitting on one or two a day for the best part of this year (and yeah, I’m aware that it’s actually September and thus the phrase ‘welcome to 2010’ is a bit dated).

However, the reason I’ve been hitting one or two views a day for the best of this year is because my last post was in February. I’m sorry about that, if any of you have been checking back and hoping for something.

So here’s an update on where we are:

I now own over a hundred dresses, and I am well aware of how ridiculous that is. Eventually they will all show up on this blog.

I’ve an amazing boyfriend who I love. See photo above, that’s us on a volcano with a volcano in the background – love Auckland!

I’m working really, really hard at both uni and my job, and am therefore running out of time to do stuff like this – but I’m trying.

I still love and adore fashion, and I’ve picked up a few amazing buys recently – Dior, for $10, Armani, for $2, Balenciaga, $2 … I do well. Again, all of these will show up on the blog eventually.

I’m going to Australia soon for what will be both the most amazing, and saddest trip of my life: Powderfinger are disbanding. I wrote a post back in January about how much I loved them and how I hoped they’d play for another twenty years. They won’t. Burn Your Name was off the last album they’ll ever record. Sunsets is their farewell tour, which they’re running across Australia, and myself and my wonderful Prince Charming/Mr. Big/Insert Appropriate Pseudonym Here are heading over to see them out in a fairly small town called Mackay (12 hours drive from Brisbane). I can’t wait, but I wish it wasn’t for such a sad reason.

That’s about all I have for now – I’ll see about getting the proper posts up and running again soon. If you like this blog, please stumble me/facebook link me/tweet me/do whatever new fangled interwebs thing is going on at the moment, because the more views I get, the more posts I’ll make.

Love you all!

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