le creuset 29cm oval cocotte (dutch oven).


I was planning to write a full on review of this “gorgeous babe-o-rama”, as one of my friends on facebook called it, but let’s face it – everyone knows they’re amazing.

So far I have used it for searing, roasting, making stock and gravy, and finally making risotto (you may have guessed that I scored a rather large roast from my parents – they’re farmers – so everything has been lamb so far, even the risotto which was delicious, and which I’ll post a recipe for).

AND IT HAS ALL WORKED OUT BEAUTIFULLY – the roast was, no jokes, the best of my life. And my mum is a farmer’s wife – she knows how to roast.

And may I say – it washes beautifully too! Following gravy-making it had these nasty looking baked on streaks down the side, and I thought gosh – that’s gonna be hard to clean off. But it came right off with no trouble at all! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’m never using another dish.


Another point I’d like to make, in case anyone got here by google searching “How do I remove the label from my Le Creuset?” I google searched that! I did! And you know what, there were no solutions apart from one lady who soaked it in WD-40 for four hours. My goodness!

So I just threw it in the oven with the label on (and the roast in it, obviously) and after about an hour at 160 degrees Celsius, I pulled the edge with a pair of tweezers and it lifted right off.


I really hope this helps someone, because I was tearing my hair out.


O, and as an intriguing aside: in the 1950s, Le Creuset purchased a rival company called Cousances. Fun fact: my grandmother actually owns a Cousances pot – I’m guessing they’re pretty rare given that all of the ones made after they were bought by Le Creuset are stamped with Le Creuset rather than Cousances. Anyway, Mum’s using it at the moment (though not for roasts! What!) and it will obviously be mine eventually. What I love about these things is they simply never give up.


Recipes to follow of my kickass roast and risotto!

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