sourdough pizza


This is a big deal: I am a meatlover in the purest sense. I grew up on a farm, I was entirely used to eating my pets, and there is almost nothing more sacred to me in the kitchen than bacon.

Having said all of that: this is a vegetarian pizza. And it has a sourdough base. And it is killah.

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I’ve been craving sourdough for about a week now, since I first put my starter together. Today, I finally got it.

It’s not as sour as it ought to be yet – my starter smells amazing but isn’t quite as flavourful as I want – but the crumb on it is beautiful and it crusted amazingly well.

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sourdough starter, now.


After four days fermenting on the bench, peeling the skin off the top and a good stir, this is what I’m left with. Yum! Smells kinda beery which is apparently correct, and has the consistency of soup – also apparently correct.

Can’t wait to use it to make some sourdough. Mmm.

sourdough starter.


I went to America in 2005 and tried sourdough for the first time. Of the whole time we were there, sourdough was my very favourite thing.

It’s not hugely common to find sourdough in New Zealand, and when you do it’s not hugely legit. It’s certainly not as sour as the stuff I remember from the U.S.

So I thought, why not make my own? I know it requires a starter and I don’t care any more, though it’s put me off for a good six and a half years now.  I’ve my own kitchen and I’ll use it how I please!

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