opi rumple’s wiggin.


I’m wearing this one today, and this picture is actually from a few months ago. My cuticles look a lot better today, promise. Cuticle oil and super heavy duty moisturiser did them some favours.

I love this colour. It came as a fourth in a pack of three that I really wanted, and it is from the Shrek collection. I am so glad I got it because I’ve actually worn it heaps. I think it’s gorgeous. It’s also super-springy which is why I’m wearing it today. The weather finally seems to be warming up with intent to stay that way, and I am so happy about it.

In other happy news, I just finished my last [lectures and labs] day of my undergrad degree in psychology. Next year, with any luck, I’ll be off to another campus to study teaching (primary – which is 5-10 year olds, for anyone not of NZ) but for now I am no longer a uni student. Fantastic! I’m in the middle of my application at the moment, and I should be finished in a couple of days. Then, I sit my last undergrad exams, presumably pass, and start my one year graduate diploma.

BUT ANYWAY: applies beautifully, the above is two coats, self-levels nicely, looks amazing, is a little bit bluer than the picture above. Adore!

haul. my goodness. orly cosmic fx, zoya mod matte.

Today has been a good day.

I got up hideously early (6.30, anybody?) to go to an 8AM class. We got there late and then everyone was sat on the ends of the rows so in the end I decided to flag it. It was on attitudes, anyway, which is unfortunately not a very interesting topic. The lecturer is young, male and very, very good-looking though, and it’s a bit funny as he’s also the most awkward, earnest, eager to please person I’ve ever seen. He’s got no idea that most of the girls in the lecture theatre are fantasising about what he’s like in bed. It makes him kind of delightful in a slightly cringey way.

I’m pretty sure the lecturer is the reason today’s 8AM was so full. In previous weeks (read: woman lecturer) it’s enjoyed perhaps one third attendance.

Anyway. Then I went to Clinical Psych (gosh, you’re getting a whole account of my day here) where Prof. John Read, one of the best lecturers I’ve had, talked about schizophrenia and the healing powers of love.

Then, I went to mentoring at an intermediate school nearby, where I hung out with my protégé and we played some game on a computer. She’s cool. She makes very astute statements sometimes about the people around her. I don’t think they realise, but she has got their number, that’s for sure.

Then (and here comes the good bit): we came home. And I checked the mail … and my package from America was here! It was full of nail polish, and it was wonderful. I got seven, count them seven things (one is not included in the below photo as it is just a boring basecoat):

 haul 17 august 2

From left: Orly It’s Not Rocket Science, Orly Out of This World, Color Club Love Em Leave Em, Zoya Lolly, Phoebe, Mitzi.

The Orlys come from the Cosmic FX Collection, the Color Club from Wild at Heart, and the Zoyas are the Mod Matte collection which I have wanted desperately for way too long. The basecoat was Orly Bonder, which I’ve meant to try a while. Pictures on their own completely necessary:

orly cosmic fx 3

Orly Cosmic FX: the full set. It’s Not Rocket Science, Lunar Eclipse, Space Cadet, Halley’s Comet, Galaxy Girl/Out of This World (I can’t actually remember which one is which from this picture. I believe they go in that order, though).

zoya mod matte 2

Zoya Mod Matte Collection: Phoebe, Mitzi, Lolly. I CANNOT WAIT TO WEAR THESE.

Anyway, my day got better. The boyfriend and I (who, incidentally, have been together for fifteen months today) got lots done. Our flatmate recently came home with a vacuum so boyfriend set to work on the flat, I put the washing out, tidied, etc. etc. Very productive. We even had time for a nap before we went back to uni for his class!

After uni, we headed to the Town Hall and picked up my free orchestra tickets: I’m a friend of the Auckland Philharmonia and every now and then they do lovely preview concerts for people like me. We got dinner at a delightful Japanese place (the Don on High) and then went to the concert. We heard Schreker, Rachmaninov (with a solo on the piano from Nikolai Demidenko) and Ravel, and all were wonderful. My boyfriend had never been to the orchestra, and though I feared he’d be bored, he loved it. Afterwards, we got gelato, and then came home, where I am now sitting, ogling my new polishes.

What a lovely, lovely day.

O, and here’s a picture of OPI DS Reflection with a little extra pizazz (Servin’ Up Sparkle, from the new Serena Williams’: I need a back up of this, stat):


karen walker sterling silver anchor necklace.


I am so in love with this. My boyfriend got it for me for … my birthday, I believe. He’d got me another Karen Walker for Valentine’s Day, which I do wear more. It’s a fighter plane, and it’s beautiful, and I will post it soon.

This one appealed to me as I grew up in a yachting family and so I feel like it’s a little bit symbolic. Plus, it’s gorgeous.

Karen Walker is a total student jeweller. I see so many of her pieces walking around uni. They’re relatively affordable and they make a huge statement. I find that I either love or hate each piece she makes. Some of them look really amateur and/or fashion student (though I’ve seen people wearing them, so it must be a matter of taste), whereas others, like this, look polished and o so stylish.

These are available from Walker and Hall in New Zealand, possibly the Karen Walker website as well, though I haven’t checked.

Not sure about availability overseas. KW displays her clothes at New York Fashion Week though, so presumably there’s some kind of availability in the States.

exam results, and a few new manicures.

opi ds radiance, TS

You may remember me doing a pretty sweet turquoise shatter as procrastination for my last exam. Well, funny story.

I studied a grand total of three topics out of a possible seventeen for the exam. Four of them were to come up – we had to write essays on three, and I was incredibly lucky in that all three of mine did. I picked up a sweet A- on that paper (learning psych), which is, by the way, the hardest undergrad psych paper at my university! I also got an A- on social psych – in which much the same thing happened as in learning psych, a B+ on ‘producing psychological knowledge’ (in which the correct answer to everything is ‘a feminist methodology within a social constructionist framework’) and an A on my cultural geography paper. I took that one as a joke, but now that I did really well on it the geog department keeps spamming me with emails about how I’ll be going on to do postgrad there (awkward. I don’t even have a bachelor’s degree in it).

So I’m a geek, but I’m a geek with great nails. Looking at that swatch above, though, horrible fingers. Sorry about that! I work at a supermarket, on checkouts, and it wreaks havoc on the skin around my fingers. Moisturiser obviously helps a great deal, and they’re actually looking pretty good at the moment. That picture above though is not my best finger skin day. The leftover navy polish around my middle finger is really nasty looking, too. Sorry!

But the polishes are OPI DS Radiance (base) and OPI Turquoise Shatter. I love both of them dearly. Radiance is insanely shiny and wears like nothing on earth. Five days. Not even tipwear. Maybe there’s something in the diamond formula!

Hey. Here’s a slightly nicer looking one:

who the shrek are you

That’s OPI Who the Shrek Are You? I adore this colour.

O, and I added some glitter:

wtsay, gua

That’s OPI Glow Up Already on the tips. Love me some matching glitter colours.

O, and then:

wtsau, gua matte

Matte finish! I used Rimmel Matte Topcoat which I just adore. It got satiny and whatnot after a while but that’s OK. I especially love the matte over the glitter, and I can’t wait to do a full glitter manicure with a matte coat. It did lighten the colour quite a bit but I still think it looks gorgeous.

Here’s the bottle:

rimmel matte top coat

Matte nails are my new obsession. My boyfriend is having serious issues prying this topcoat from my hands. I want to put it on everything.

huia recipe book.

So, since last time I’ve posted there has actually been quite a big development in my life. I got a sweet job for next year!

I’m pretty sure everyone knows of the existence of RAs in university halls of residence, and next year I’m going to be one. When the applications were going in, it occurred to me that it could be a bit of fun (and the salary covers the rent) and so I filled out the form and threw it in on the last possible morning.

There were three stages of application – the form application was first, followed by group interviews, followed by one-on-one, or rather three-on-one interviews. Somehow, I made it as far as the three-on-one and they seemed to like me (amazingly. I thought the interview was terrible and I had to run to it from a lab which I was desperately trying to finish early). Because they gave me a job for 2010!

This year I’ve lived at International House (I will post pictures of my lovely halls of residence at some stage) but next year I’ll be an RA at Huia Residence, which is just over a bridge from here, next to the medical school (very handy for me) and involves cooking your own food (darn). O, and it’s alcohol free. It’s very different to I. House, but I am looking forward to it.

Anyway. I have started collecting recipes for my year of doing my own food, and the first thing I did was to grab a pretty notebook to write them all in. I started it with nine cupcake recipes (good effort, huh?). And here it is.

My Huia recipe book.


(Huia, for any non-New Zealanders, is a type of bird. It’s black, iridescent, rather small, and very extinct.)

DSCF7128 DSCF7129

kelsy’s summer reading list 2: high fidelity.

Review, courtesy of Amazon: It has been said often enough that baby boomers are a television generation, but the very funny novel High Fidelity reminds that in a way they are the record-album generation as well. This funny novel is obsessed with music; Hornby’s narrator is an early-thirtysomething English guy who runs a London record store. He sells albums recorded the old-fashioned way–on vinyl–and is having a tough time making other transitions as well, specifically adulthood. The book is in one sense a love story, both sweet and interesting; most entertaining, though, are the hilarious arguments over arcane matters of pop music.

I love Nick Hornby’s books, and so, it seems, does everyone else, as they tend to be made into movies. This is another of my Penguin Classics, which, if you’ve not heard of them, are fantastic books, handpicked for their general awesomeness (On the Road is also one, and I also have The Beach and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest). They’re sold cheap, at $12.95 in New Zealand, but I’ve become sneaky and with my 10% student discount I can pick one up for $11.70 at University Books.

But yes. Nick Hornby also did About A Boy and Fever Bitch – About A Boy being the one that was made into a  [great] movie starring Hugh Grant and the kid from Skins. Now that I google it, Fever Pitch was also made into a movie, and so was High Fidelity. Must watch that. Before I read the book? After? I can never decide which order it’s best to do it in.

DSCF7016 DSCF7017

the shoes 1: glenn elkin couture.

I don’t know where these Glenn Elkin shoes come from, but I’ve somehow two pairs of them, one adorned with the extra “couture” label, and one without. They’re beautiful and comfortable shoes, and I love them. This pair was purchased for about $4NZ in an op shop a few weeks back, but my other pair (to be featured later) was donated to me by my grandmother, who has always exhibited excellent taste in shoes (and never throws anything away).

I’m fairly little at 5’4”, or maybe average height, I don’t know. Either way, I hate being short and nothing makes me happier than a nice pair of heels. My problem, however, is thus: I walk a million miles a day (well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but it is a LOT) up hill and down dale just to get to class. As a result, I’ve found that the best kind of heel for day wear is the kitten heel, those that sit low at one or two inches but still elongate your legs and give you the satisfying (and intimidating) clicking noise when you walk. They’re quite comfortable, but they’re also one shoe with which you desperately need to get the fit right. I find it easiest to buy them a little too small – maybe half a size – and wear them until they stretch.

And when you buy them for as cheap/free as I do, it’s a win-win situation. To be fair, these are a little tall (at two and a half inches) to qualify as a kitten heel, but they’re still comfortable and very, very pretty.


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